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Our vision has always been to be a trusted leader in the digital marketing industry.

Through hard work and a passion for what we do, we have become trusted digital marketing leaders. We have been building relationships and growing our clients’ digital presence since 2009 through ethical digital marketing strategies. Our services and the outstanding results we deliver for our clients are based on trust, integrity, and a commitment to what we do and whom we do it for.
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Digital Marketing is what we do and we are 100% committed and dedicated to helping our clients achieve their online goals, including an enhanced online presence, more visibility, greater lead generation, google ads management, effective google marketing, and better google page rankings for keywords in your industry.

To help us with our vision of becoming digital marketing leaders, we have surrounded ourselves with a team who are all experts in their own individual fields. By outsourcing our non-core business functions, like finance and administration, we are able to give our complete attention to producing excellent results, building lasting relationships, and focussing on what we do best as a digital marketing agency and SEO experts.

Success comes from cohesive collaborations…a meeting of minds rooted in different strengths but with a common goal – to bring our digital marketing expertise to you, the client.

If there was a secret ingredient for our success, it would have to be the diverse individuals who make up our talented and highly motivated team.

We’re a multicultural team of like-minded individuals here at Digital Presence. Our team members have been specially selected, and hail from all across the globe, bringing with them unique, creative and innovative skill-sets aimed at serving our clients and living the Digital Presence ethos of trust and integrity.

At Digital Presence we love what we do and we are happy to share knowledge and collaborate with other experts in the field. Knowledge-sharing is important to us as this is a fast-paced and ever-changing industry – sharing knowledge and collaborating with other industry experts keeps us informed of the latest and greatest techniques and technologies in our sector, provides guidance and reinforces best-practice methods that we can bring to your business.

Absolute Integrity

Our team combines passion and excellence with integrity - this is the foundation upon which we have built our business.

People First

We're all about taking care of our team and wowing our clients. Our team has a passion for what they do and this shows in the results they produce for our clients.

Exceptional Results

We have a long history of producing consistent and exceptional results. We’re driven to be digital market leaders through outstanding customer service and delivering high quality value.

Why Choose Us

Digital Presence has been making waves across the digital marketing sector since 2009.

Our multicultural, multi-talented, and passionate team of individuals have made it their mission to deliver exceptional results, offer outstanding customer service, and forge lasting relationships with clients by living our ethos of integrity and trust. We care about the small things and we plan for your success through creative, bespoke solutions tailored to your business needs.
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Meet Our Talented Team

Our multicultural team of like-minded individuals hail from all across the globe. They are the secret ingredient to our success, bringing with them unique, creative and innovative skill-sets aimed at serving our clients.

Louie Ramos

Co-founder/Director, Digital Strategy

Olga Ramos

Co-founder/ Managing Director, Business Strategy & Development

Andrew Nicholls

External CFO, CEO NCS Group Chartered Accountants

Clarissa Marchand

Marketing Associate

Matthew Gadd

Sales & Project Coordinator

Ives Paras

Technical SEO & Software Engineer

Bailey Ramos

Chief Happiness Officer

Dave Cowling

Video Producer

Kerry-Ann Ferreira

Expert Content Writer

John Nairn

Senior Developer

Grace Cimbracruz

Search Campaign Manager

Annika Scott

Digital Marketing & Content Producer

Sarah McNamara

Expert Content Writer
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